Pupil Presentations & Assemblies

Education and school life is very important to us and anyone that becomes a member of Stafford Lancers. There has been proven research showing that young people that get involved with music, dance and the arts show an improvement in concentration and confidence as well as showing a positive impact in school work.

Subsequently our aim is to build excellent relationships with the Schools of Stafford and surrounding areas giving opportunities to get involved in a fantastic activity which will have benefits not only for your pupils but hopefully your school too.

Steph Owen, Head of Expressive Arts at Sir Graham Balfour High School said "Our pupils are inspired and supported through creativity, discipline and enjoyment. We value our links with Stafford Lancers enormously".

Unlike the USA where marching bands are an integral part of school life, we have to work hard to let young people know what we do and what they can get out of it and how they can get involved.

For these reasons we would like to be able to do either an Assembly or a Workshop, where they can find out all they need to know about Lancers.

Frequently Asked Questions explaining what to expect from a Stafford Lancers School Presentation/Assembly

Why do you do offer this service?

The Stafford Lancers are a youth marching band local to your school. As a youth organisation, our search for new members never ends, and we need to continually make ourselves known in the local community. Our school presentations firstly serve to offer children the chance to be part of our fun, rewarding activity, but secondly aim to entertain and educate.

How many Stafford Lancers representatives should we expect?

Depending on how many of our staff and instructors can get the time off work, we aim to supply between 1 and 5 adult individuals to present at your school.

Do you bring any vehicles with you?

If we are to do a major workshop, we do have a 7.5 ton equipment truck, this being the only way to transport some of our bulky equipment, so a close parking area for it would be much appreciated. If we are doing an assembly it would generally be just a couple of cars.

How much preparation time do you need?

45 minutes is preferred, this represents the time from entering your school, to being ready to present. If this is a problem, then (provided we can unload our equipment in an area close to the presentation hall) we can usually prepare in around 30 minutes. Also, to maintain the element of surprise, we prefer to set-up in an environment without pupils.

What sort of space do you require?

We would prefer a conventional school hall which generally gives both space for all of our equipment and the pupil audience.

How long is the presentation likely to last, and what format does it take?

This is customisable to some degree. All of our Assembly presentations comprise of the following: We show a 5 minute DVD or video which is a great way to demonstrate to your pupils that our band members are of a similar age to themselves. A 15 minute period where we introduce the various sections and offer 1/2 children the chance to have a go on an instrument in front of their friends, plus encouraging them to engage in asking questions about what they are seeing. Afterwards time permitting, we can also offer a hands-on service where we let all of the pupils have a go in each of our 4 sections (Brass, Percussion, Pit Percussion and Colour Guard) in rotation. Mainly, because of the combined noise, if there are available classrooms, it is best (though not essential) to split the sections into different rooms.

What Equipment do we need to provide?

A PC/Laptop or DVD Player hooked up to a projector screen with speakers is required to demonstrate our Visual Presention. If a projector is not available then a large TV Screen would be of use.

What sort of equipment do you use?

We are first and foremost a marching band, so everything (except the static pit percussion) needs to be portable. We use trumpets, mellophones, baritones and tubas (all forward acing) in the Brass section. Snare drums, tenor and bass drums in the percussion section. Marimbas, vibraphones, xylophones, glockenspiels etc in the pit section. We also have a Colour Guard section who concentrate on dance and movement, this section uses coloured flags, artificial sabres and other visual props.

Would you be able to do a longer presentation, say a workshop?

We are sometimes able to provide a more substantial presentation, which could span 3 or 4 hours to a whole day to suit your needs such as the hugely popular BIG BANG day run twice in recent years at 'Blessed William Howard High School'. (see photo`s)

Do you leave any literature with us?

We give each of the members a leaflet which contains details of how to get to our rehearsal sites, contact numbers, rehearsal times and website address. Also we can supply an A4 poster which we would appreciate you hanging in a prominent position.